Vila Katharina


We wish that our guests can enjoy the beauty of Brasov, besides the experience of combining the past and the present.

The Black Church
Considered the central symbol of the city, The Black Church is one of the most representative gothic monuments in Romania. The name depicts the unfortunate fire in 1689, which partially squandered the monument. The two organs inside the church are probably the most famous elements, as far as tourists are concerned.

The Weavers’ Citadel
With a unique architecture in Europe and closely related with the story of Katharina, the Weavers’ Bastion was built by this guild in the 15th century and gathers the Regional History Museum, the old Brasov and Schei fortress model and also different weavers’ products.

Katherine’s Gate
At a few minutes’ walk from our establishment, Katherine’s Gate or the Southern Gate marks the access in the Medieval Fortress of Brasov. The exterior tower built in 1559 is the only original part left and on the frontispiece you can admire the town’s blazon.

Sforii Street
Considered a spectacular attraction because it is one of the narrowest streets in Europe, Sforii Street was built in the 17th century, initially created as a passage to facilitate firemen’s access around the city center. A couple of steps away from Villa Katharina, the street are considered, according to legends, one of Brasov’s symbols of couples.

The Synagogue
One of the most beautiful Jewish neogotic monuments of Romania, the Synagogue in Brasov was built in the 19t century. You can include the monument in your “to visit” list, because you can find it on the same street at Villa Katharina.

Poiana Brasov
Poiana Brasov is the most popular ski paradise in Romania and one of the favorite destinations for tourists who came here to ski. If you like winter sports, you will definitely want to try the modern slopes here, so that afterwards you can enjoy a glass of traditional “tuica” at apres-ski.

Republicii Street
The main commercial artery of Brasov, Republicii Street is one of the hottest tourist objectives of the city. The place where lights shine during winter and chic terraces lure you in summer, this street is a must for tourists who come here in search of a good shopping spree