Vila Katharina

About the hotel and the location

Placed in the medieval heart of Brasov, Vila Katharina 4* is an architectural jewel of the 18th century, finely restored to the smallest details of the original indoor painting and brought back to life in the form of a boutique hotel.

Once you get here, you will enjoy the noble air of the 3 rooms, furnished in Biedermeier and Art Deco style and you will go back in time, through the atmosphere of an elegant and sophisticated house from the past, yet touched by the comfort of the present.

You’ll want to visit The Black Church, the Synagogue in Brasov or other famous places to see in the center of the city and for that, we accommodate you close to them, near the Ecaterina Gate, on No. 20 Poarta Schei St., so you can enjoy the beautiful medieval town without too much effort.

The legend of Katharina

It was December, 1455, a cold winter, on Christmas Eve, and Katharina, the daughter of a weaver in Brasov, was carrying through the thick snow a sleigh packed with food for the soldiers from the Weavers’ Citadel. While strolling around the citadel, Vlad Dracula offered to help the young, beautiful lass.

Tepes fell in love with her immediately and started to create a strategy to win her over. Pricy silk and lace from Venice transformed into luxurious dresses for Katharina, offered as a gift and sign of appreciation from the man who was deeply in love.

After sufferings and adventures with merchants’ wives, Katharina hoped that one day she will wed the controversial Vlad Dracula, but the legend says that the religious rigors didn’t let that happen and the beautiful Katharina gave Tepes 2 children and the signs of their 22 years of love still hang around the mysterious streets of Brasov.

Our breakfast

We take good care of our guests, but we also care about the local producers, so our delicious breakfasts are prepared from natural ingredients and the meals are served a la carte. If you want to really spoil yourself, we can serve you breakfast in your room, on silver trays, and the vessel reveals small surprises for the art lovers – delicate and precious pieces of Zsolnay, Herend or Rosenthal porcelain.

Vila Katharina shop

The gift shop

We have gathered in our shop little pieces of history and stories of the centuries that passed, so that our guest can travel back in time and take home with him the cultural souvenirs of his journey.

Silverware, old clocks, paintings, precious Persian rugs, fine porcelain, hand-embellished clothing, but also contemporary objects, perfect for that special gift you always wanted to offer.
And because no gift is complete without chocolate, our guests can taste and offer as a present our handmade chocolate: delicate pieces of desert, prepared manually with milk chocolate, caramel and crispy nuts, fresh and without preservatives, in the shape of white hearts (reminiscing Katharina) and black hearts (as a symbol of Vlad Tepes’s dark shadow).